Known Rat, Orlando Scandrick Is Now The Voice of Reason In Philadelphia


That scumbag, rat loser, attention seeker, Orlando Scandrick is back!

Now that we got out of the way, we have to agree with what Orlando Scandrick is saying about the Eagles these days.

This is the perfect definition of the tweet: “wow, the worst person you know made a great point”.

Howie Roseman is clearly the biggest issue plaguing the Eagles. They haven’t drafted and developed well enough to compete in the worst division in football. In the last half decades they have drafted one pro bowl player, Carson Wentz.

They’ve not only missed, but it now appears the completely whiffed on generational talents like DK Metcalf. To make up for it, they’ve ballooned their salary cap situation to try to dig themselves out of the bad drafting hole. So now it’s an expensive roster, with little young talent, and three wins.

The Howie Roseman reign is over.

I just don’t ever want to hear Orlando Scandrick call another man a rat.

Orlando Scandrick is the Tekashi69 of the NFL. He always pops up spewing absurd comments without anyone asking for them. You can’t escape his name on social media. And of course, the biggest piece of this, they are both known rats who can’t stop running their mouth. Scandrick is just Tekashi with a normal hair color.

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