Turns Out 4 Douchebags Took The Utah Monolith, Not Aliens

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First off, let me say this, fuck this guy just as much as the ‘4 guys’ that actually took it. ‘Why didn’t we stop them? Well they had a right to.’ Go get bent bro. Oh mother nature is an artist, get out of my face with that nonsense. They legit just get and stole something. Imagine some dude walking up to something and being like ‘hop you got you pictures because I’m about to be a big time asshole.’ You don’t have to stop them, but defending them? What are we talking about.

We all want aliens. They are the only thing more universally loved than the Rock. So if we can’t meet real ones, let the people have the idea that they might be out there.

And lastly, this dude was 100000% one of the dudes that took it. You don’t condone theft unless you are the one doing the stealing. I’ve got no proof so this is obviously just my opinion based on no facts but I’m right. This dude sucks, his friends suck and Utah sucks. Give us aliens

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