The End Of Howie Roseman’s Reign Has Arrived, and It’s Not Just a QB Controversy That Got Us Here


Last night’s full tilt embarrassment of an Eagles performance surely felt like the funeral for the Super Bowl window. The 2020 season has been a slow, painful demise. It was only right that it culminated in DK Metcalf putting the final nail in the coffin, while the Eagles created a needless QB controversy from six feet underground.

Howie Roseman’s time here is over (if Louis Riddick literally has something to say about it). There is a bevy of reasons why, but the (very avoidable) Hurts vs Wentz debate will be his ultimate demise.


Pick a fucking quarterback and be done with it. Neither of them are going to lead you to wins anyway. Because you built a roster that is so flawed around them, the quarterbacks are now incapable of leading sustained, efficient drives down the field. The debate between the two is nonsensical and pointless. Because neither guy is going to be throwing to DK Metcalf or Justin Jefferson. And probably more importantly, nobody is going to block for them when they throw either. The roster construction is abysmal, and no quarterback can save them from that reality. You have Howie Roseman to thank for that.


NFL GM’s should be like politicians. It’s best that the body they govern runs smoothly and you barely hear about them. Maybe it was hubris, but Howie ended up doing the opposite. When you make a controversial pick to become a “quarterback factory” it puts you smack dab in the spotlight. Then ALL of your moves are put on full display. Unfortunately for the Eagles front office, they have a lengthy track record of bad draft decisions.


See, selecting Jalen Hurts might not even be their worst draft day decision, it was just the most brash. In a generational running back draft, the Eagles ended up with Donnel Pumphrey. That 2017 draft has two remaining players on the Eagles roster, one is Nate Gerry.


Andre Dillard is on IR. He wasn’t contributing anyway.


They’ve drafted five starters in the past four years. Avonte Maddox, Dallas Goedert, Miles Sanders, Jalen Reagor and Derek Barnett. Six if you count Jordan Mailata.


The front office hasn’t just failed with Jalen Hurts. Over time, the ice just ran thin. And with Jalen Hurts, they finally fell through.

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