Stevie Stats Has A 5 Unit Play You’d Be An Idiot Not To Take


Stevie Stats has quietly become the hottest gambler at Branded. The past two days he started dropping free college basketball plays all over twitter. Which by the way, free plays to the public just because, name something nicer you can do you for someone? You can’t.

So I’m keeping an eye on Stats’ plays and he is one FIRE people. I mean look at this:

And I don’t want to hear, oh that’s just 61% stop blowing his tires. Look at the units dummy, dude is making CASH. Also please understand, Stats didn’t ask me to write this or even knows I am. I just can’t let a guy go around dropping 5 UNIT winners and not share it with all my internet friends.

So here’s what you do, step by step:

  1. Go to Stats’ twitter and follow him
  2. DM him for that free 5 unit play
  3. Make a shit ton of money

That’s it people, it’s that simple.

PS: Stats hasn’t DM’d me his 5 unit play yet. I feel like this blog is enough for him to do that without me having to DM him but I’m also not too proud to end up reaching out first. 5 units is 5 units

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