Logan Paul Knocked Out His Ex Future Father In Law Jose Canseco (On Twitter)


Despite consistently being in the top 5 most hated people online, it’s been a pretty good few days for the Paul brothers. Mostly because I just found out they are each worth almost $20 million dollars. But also because Jake Paul had a knockout on Nate Robinson so iconic it hasn’t been done since Ronnie on the boardwalk. Seriously, Sportscenter tweeted this:

And because we can never just have the right amount of Paul Brothers at one time, Jake’s brother Logan decided he wanted his chance at a brutal right cross to the face and obviously Jose Canseco put his chin out.

First of all I have no idea what Jose’s original tweet means. Using a beta Jose Canseco translator app I think he means they “haven’t fought anyone with any type of talent yet or fighting skills” but really can’t be 100% sure. If that’s what he said then Logan’s tweet is completely fair game. I can see why these guys make the big bucks. Jose Canseco, a 56 year old juicehead whose “fighting skills” include taking 70s child star Danny Bonaduce to a draw.

Any other crazy old white guy would deserve the bodybag Logan Paul just put Jose Canseco in, but it specifically being Jose Canseco is extra vicious from Logan.

Here’s Jose Canseco’s daughter, Josie.

Who grew up into this

Once you reach that level of hot, only thing left to do is……Logan Paul.

Logan and Josie had been dating for 8 months, or 6 years in Paul years, until literally like a week ago.

“I mean, I didn’t really plan on — It’s hard,” he continued. “We’ve had the conversation ‘How do you tell the world it’s over.'”


After totally accidentally spilling the beans on the chart topping “Impaulsive” podcast, the world has been pickup up the pieces since losing faith in love after America’s sweethearts separated. Then boom your dad is calling out your very recent ex boyfriend saying he wants to fight him and then your ex boyfriend quote tweets your dad with a joke about fucking you. It really happens that fast in Hollywood.

If you’re Josie you have to take Logan back after this right? 3 things you can set your watch to in life are death, taxes and daddy issues. If you find someone to piss off your dad that much you have to marry him. I hope these crazy kids make it.


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