NHL 2021 Lockout? Looking Like It

Late last week the NHLPA reportedly ceased communications with the NHL in talks about getting the 2021 season started. NHL teams will have to get training camps started soon if they truly want to start the season on January 1st.

The NHLPA has taken reduced pay during the recent negotiations with the NHL and apparently the NHL and team owners want players to take another cut.

It would be a tremendous loss for all of us if the NHL does not take to the ice next season, and I personally would be devastated without hockey. The NHL has to have their season and post season over before the summer Olympics because of their agreement with NBC Sports.

Only thing I can say is watch and listen to hockey insiders on Twitter, and hope that the NHL plays in 2021. I am not for a lockout, but players need to be paid. This feels eerily to the last NHL lockout and it was bound to happen again, but this damn virus really shook things up.

-Branded Mitch

Featured Image- NHLPA

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