My Strange Addiction: Shawn Mendes

If you haven’t been listening to Ginger Thread, clearly you should. But if you haven’t let me catch ya up to speed, I AM IN LOVE WITH SHAWN MENDES. I am pretty sure he comes up in Kelsey’s Korner and I tend to tweet about him a lot. Since he decided to keep posting thirst traps, I have decided to watch his new documentary on Netflix, Shawn Mendes In Wonder in hopes to cure my addiction to him.


Before I give you my thoughts during this hour movie, let me give you some background information. I once went to an Austin Mahome concert (I know what you are thinking, “who is that”) but that is besides the point. Shawn Mendes was the opening act. I had no idea who he even was. All I know is that girls were screaming so loud my ears were ringing. He was a decent singer and just sang some covers with his guitar. Fast forward to 2015, Shawn Mendes started to become more popular. During a cheerleading practice, my friend and I started to JAM out to Stitches. This has since then been our anthem. We randomly decided to actually go see Shawn in concert at The Mann Center in Philadelphia. Us college kids were probably the oldest there besides the moms that loved dancing with us. Since then Shawn has been dropping bangers after bangers including his new one Monster with Justin Bieber.

Now moving on to this movie. I decided to watch this late last night and let me tell you it was soooo worth it. Here is the trailer to get a glimpse of what I am about to dive into.

Right off the back, this man is actually so sexy. First five minutes he is naked in the shower not once but two times. My god. He towels off and he is shirtless. Just continue to give this girl a heart attack why don’t you. If you never seen his muscles let me tell ya, just look at them. His shoulders. His biceps. Yup bye.


You see how much Shawn is actually a family man and is very grounded. You see a glimpse of his relationship with his sister, mom and dad. I actually thought it was so cute when he picked his sister up and she is pretty normal teenager going to school, wearing a school uniform. Next thought as he picks up his sister and you see throughout the documentary he drives a Tesla. We get it a self driving car by Elon Musk.

As we move on, you see how he treats a lady right. Even though it is not me. I do approve of his relationship with Camila Cabello. You can see how they genuinely care about each other. They live together, have songs together she even went on tour with him as you can see. I do have to admit they have a killer song Senorita which you can listen here.

He is very tall. I imagine I would have to climb him in order to look him in his eyes. I did have to look up how tall he is and according to Google he is 6’1″. A whole dang foot taller than me. I would def need to wear some heels around him but I am not complaining. Along with the height, the way he gives people hugs during meet and greets. Personally, I am not a fan of hugging unless it is a good tight embrace and that he does. Somehow, I am going to find a way to get those muscular arms wrapped around me. Going off with this physical features brings me next to his hair. Should I say no more? I mean come on look at it! The curls, the length they way he pushes it back! We can’t get enough.


He does have a very good sense of style. I am honestly wondering how many pairs of black skinny jeans he must have. Seems like that is the one staple piece he does wear. And some really nice shoes. Speaking of really nice things, his tattoos. He has several tattoos that you can see. Mmmm a man with tats end of that conversation.

This documentary takes place while he is on tour and I can’t say this enough of how talented he actually is. The man can play the guitar, the piano, he is a songwriter and he can SAANNGGGG! I literally got goosebumps while he was on stage like I was at the actual concert. What is wrong with me?! You see the emotional rollercoaster that being on tour takes on him and I am sure every artist. I am not gonna spoil it but 3 words REAL MEN CRY. I loved how honest this was. Did it cure my strange addiction to him? Absolutely NOT!

Now pardon me until I try to figure out how to be those girls that get to hang out backstage in the dressing rooms. If you have any tips let me know as I will be watching Shawn Mendes Live In Concert!

Make sure to check out my addiction on Kelsey’s Korner during The Ginger Thread Podcast!


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