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There has long been a debate over which position is hardest to play in sports. Is it a goalie in hockey or soccer? A catcher in baseball? To me, the answer is Quarterback in football.

Kendall Hinton had not played QB in 2+ years and was signed as an undrafted free-agent wideout with the Broncos this year. On Sunday, he was their starting quarterback. How unlikely was this? IT WAS THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY AN UNDRAFTED PLAYER OF A DIFFERENT POSITION STARTED A GAME UNDER CENTER.

The stats weren’t pretty – but the stats don’t show everything. Kendall was under duress the entire game with the Saints D-Line, full of studs like Cam Jordan and Marcus Davenport, overpowering the Broncos O-Line.

The fact that Hinton completed a single pass is something that blows my mind. Seriously, this dude probably hasn’t thrown a legitimate pass to a route-running receiver since his days at Wake Forest. The balls it takes to go up against one of the better defenses in football WITHOUT FEAR is a major accomplishment in itself.

So Kendall, shout out to you. You lived out every kid’s wildest dreams yesterday; Hold your head up high and keep grinding. Heck, even Cam Jordan (a notorious QB hater) thinks so too:

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