Why Justin Anderson Signing With the Sixers Was a Minor Signing But a Great Move

The days of NBA Free Agency are waning but the Sixers had one last move up their sleeve before we get going with another season. The Sixers brought Justin Anderson back on a two-way deal with a chance for him to make the team.


It would be a good signing for the fact he is a high energy guy, can give a team minutes defensively, and is well liked in locker rooms. Anderson also fought D Wade during his previous tenure in Philadelphia so you could be all in based on that as well. But what really makes this a GREAT signing? Justin Anderson’s friendship with Joel Embiid.


The NBA is a star driven league. The Bucks are spending their offseason trying to construct a championship contending roster to appease Giannis. The Nets let Kyrie and KD have say in the coaching search in Brooklyn. We all know the courtships Lebron has been awarded over the years.


But back in Philadelphia, the previous moronic management spent most of their regime making moves that isolated their star, Joel Embiid. They traded away his friend Nerlens Noel. They let his other friend Jimmy Butler walk. The decision to not bring back Butler obviously backfired in more ways than one. Instead of bringing back Butler, they brought in a post presence that got in Embiid’s way.


Embiid publicly admitted he wasn’t having fun, and everyone could see it. He at times looked mentally exhausted, not just physically.


In Daryl Morey’s brief tenure as supreme overlord of Philadelphia, he has dedicated the entire time to building around his two stars, Embiid and Ben Simmons. Most of the moves have been predicated on finding shooting, straying away from the caveman style of interior play the Sixers for opted last year. But even the minor moves have been to benefit the stars.


Justin Anderson is a low risk move. He has been productive for teams in the past and a high energy player. He barely grazes your salary cap. That makes it a solid pick-up as it is. But after three years of disparaging the stars of the Sixers, especially Embiid, it’s nice to see Daryl Morey make moves to ensure they are here for the long run.

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