What Will The Branders Be Drinking Tonight?


It’s the biggest drinking night of the year and I haven’t written a blog all week, it’s the perfect storm.

I’ll keep this short and sweet I polled the Branded Sports team and asked them what their drink of choice would be tonight. Here are the results.

CEO Joe: The first thing he can grab out of his liquor cabinet.


Based off of this picture he sent us I can assume whatever he drinks will have a ratio of 85% pretentious to 15% alcohol.

Aiden: 4 Loko because I just assume he drinks to get blacked out.

AJ: Natty Light

The Roster Girls: The blood of the simps they suck dry of cash after every payday.

Ali: Wine out of a soda can ala Dee Reynolds.

Branded Patriot: Cracks open a Rolling Rock while watching The Hodge Twins.

Eddie: Marijuana

Jesse: IPA’s

James Santore: Vodka Redbull (I assume that’s like water to the Italians).

John Rich: Tubby’s Long Islands (IYKYK)

Degen Boys: Busch Light and the blood of a virgin that they’ll be sacrificing to the Gamblin God’s so their $5K parlay hits.

Mac: Proper Twelve Whiskey

Ginger Kelsey: Blueberry Cider

Stevie Stats: Modelo

Walsh: Jameson while he tries to get banned from playing PlayStation online.

Chavy (myself): Moscow MF’n Mules while I try to master PGA Tour 2K21 and justify paying $60 for a game I’ve played maybe 4 times since I bought it.

So there you have it. We’re all getting drunk on something tonight so you should do the same!

But please be safe about it.

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