The First College Football Playoff Rankings Are Out And It’s Insanity

First rankings are finally out and nothing makes me happier than talking college football playoff scenarios. It’s honestly my favorite and the only thing I hate about it is that I don’t have more people in my life to talk it over with. So let’s talk about these rankings.

First off your top 4. Bama, ND, Clemson and Ohio State. No surprises there, Bama by and far the best team in the country and ND has been really strong. Everyone knows that when Clemson is at full strength they are a top team. What will be interesting is when ND and Clemson play in the ACC championship what will happen? Will Clemson pop up to 2 and ND drop to 3 and they play a third time this year? Will the loser fall out of the top 4? Personally I think the committee moves the loser to 4 so they avoid a third game.

Bold prediction time. Ohio State will not make the playoffs. I think they are going to lose, the defense has looked suspect. I don’t think they can win the championship this year with how they are playing. If they go toe to toe with Bama, the Tide will hang a 50 spot on them.

Spots 5-7 are bananaland. Any of those teams can and should make the playoffs. The Bearcats look legit and I would have them 6th. That defense is the best in the country right now. If Ohio State slips it will be interesting to see what happens with A&M and Florida. I don’t see how A&M gets in to be completely honest. They got smacked around by Bama really bad and if they get in it would be the 4th spot, aka a rematch with Bama. Florida on the other hand has a clear path if they win out. They go to the SEC Championship game and beat Bama, they are in, would Bame then be out.

No shot.

Georgia 9 is insane, get them the fuck outta here.

And the biggest shocker is BYU. 14!!!???! For everyone that doesn’t know, they are 9-0 with a Heinemann candidate slinging the rock. Yes they only have one ranked win but that is the biggest disrespect I’ve ever seen. That is the committee saying, thanks but no thanks BYU. Go home and let the adults talk.

Overall a wild ranking. We knew it was going to be weird with no like opponents this year but this is even crazier than I would have ever thought.

PS: Watch out for the Tar Heels This weekend. They can win this game vs ND and mess this whole thing up. Would love to se chaos.

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