The Eagles Need To Make A Decision Immediately If They Want To Salvage This Season

Eagles fans, I know you’re tired of hearing and talking about the QB situation but here I am to talk about it. I’m not going to bash Wentz, I’m just going to lay out your options and what I think you should do. I know some Eagles fans think I should worry about the Pats and how shitty they have looked. The problem with that is the Patriots didn’t give Cam a gigantic bag and then draft a QB in the 2nd round. Also, this is a Philly website and Patriot blogs don’t play as well.

Alright, here are all of the possible choices I see (that are realistic).

Option 1. Keep playing Wentz, business as usual. Use Hurts in some packages like you do now, or don’t, doesn’t really matter it won’t change anything for this season. End the year 5-10-1 (maybe) and honestly you might still win the NFC East.

Option 2. Bench Wentz and let Hurts start and play the entire game. Maybe it turns out he also stinks, blame Howie for drafting a bum backup QB in the 2nd round when you need help almost everywhere else on this team. You already do that so, business as usual.

Option 3. Bench Wentz and let Hurts start and play the entire game. Maybe it turns out he is actually competent and was worth the 2nd round pick. Hell, he might even steal you a game. 6-9-1 would for sure win the NFC East. Another pro, in this situation is you can blame Howie for giving Wentz a big ass deal, so either way you can still talk shit about your GM. I know that is a big selling point for you guys.

Option 4. This one is my favorite but it is almost as realistic as Carson just being good again. Trade Doug Pederson to the Colts for Frank Reich. You want to make real change? Carson has been nothing but hot dogshit this year, if he had Reich still maybe he would be passable and you’d run away with this division.

Listen, I know Wentz WAS good. I know with or without Wentz this team is just not that good, too. That doesn’t mean you can’t give Hurts a shot. You don’t knowingly draft a backup QB in the 2nd round. You just don’t do that. Unless Howie Roseman is more incompetent then anyone could imagine Hurts is expected to play, at least when they drafted him. Give him the ball in one of these next 4 games. Seattle, Green Bay, New Orleans (probably with Drew Brees back) and Arizona are the next 4 games on the schedule and you have no chance of winning any of them anyway so what a great time to start to experiment. You don’t want to make the playoffs anyway, you’ll lose in the first round and instead of a top 15ish pick you’ll be in the low 20s. That could be the difference between, oh I don’t know, a stud WR.

Before we depart each other I do just want to throw out some stats. I will not be commenting on them, I would like to just supply you with some much needed QB information.

Wentz has the second lowest completion percentage at 58.4%, that is the lowest in the NFC East. He has the most interceptions thrown this year at 14, that is of course the lowest in the NFC East. He has the third lowest QB Rating at 73.3, that is the lowest in the NFC East. Daniel Jones and Dwayne Haskins have the fourth and fifth lowest, respectively. He has the sixth lowest QBR at 48.2, that is second lowest in the division. He has the worst Sack % in the entire NFL at 9.6%, he has been sacked 40 times for a total of 263 yards lost. That is a bit deceptive because his line is awful and WRs aren’t much better but if you’ve ever watched an Eagles game you know this guy loves holding onto the ball. Throw it away man, just throw it away. He also leads the league in fumbles at 10. In 2016 a 23 year old Carson Wentz and a 36 year old Carson Palmer led the league in fumbles at 14, maybe it’s the name?

To keep everything fair Wentz is nineteenth in passing yards at 2,326, that is the most in the NFC East. He is twentieth in TDs thrown with 14, first in the NFC East. He is nineteenth in first downs thrown for at 115, first in the NFC East. He is twenty third for average yards thrown per game at 232, that is first in the NFC East. He is tied for second in 4th quarter comebacks with 3, first in the NFC East. He is tied for eighth with Game Winning Drives, he has 2 this year.

Stats are from Pro Football Reference, you can find them here.

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