The NC Dinos are YOUR 2020 KBO Champions (and their mascot’s name is Swole Daddy) – @JamesSantore

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The boys did it. No, not the Phillies. The freaking NC DINOS ARE YOUR 2020 KBO CHAMPIONS. The same team that features Phillies legend Aaron Altherr (Aaron please come on the pod) just upset the Doosan Bears in the 2020 Korean Series, giving the Dinos their first-ever KBO title.

I’m not sure how many readers out there have been following the KBO since it started back up in the Spring but I am here to tell you it is an absolute electric factory. Solid baseball, unique stadiums, random song and dance going on nonstop throughout the game. It literally looks like someone created the KBO while watching the MLB on acid (drugs = disavowed btw).

Not only is the on-field play reminiscent of that of someone on another planet, but the freaking KBO championship trophy is a sword. Not just any sword – a gigantic freaking Game of Thrones looking sword. I mean, watch this GIF below:

It would be great if the KBO wasn’t on at midnight and 4 AM every day. Not ideal. But, I can promise you that I am the biggest KBO stan you will ever meet after watching this season and you need to give it a shot in 2021.

I need a KBO channel. I want to learn about these players’ lives and the drama behind posting players/trades/etc. Shoot, i’m about to teach myself Korean so I can watch KBO vlogs. I am ALL IN.

So, shout out to the NC Dinos. And thanks for the memories, KBO. Until next season. Also, here’s their mascot: Swole Daddy. Unbelievable. We stan.

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