NFL Color Rush – Pink

Welcome to my newest blog series – NFL Color Rush. Everybody loves the NFL Color Rush. I’m not really sure if NFL Color Rush is still a thing, but it is in my heart. Every week for the remainder of the season, I will feature a blog about a new color to get you ready for the game.

I understand that this week is Thanksgiving, so it is not a traditional NFL Thursday night game, but I wrote the blog so I’m posting it anyways. Moving forward they will be on Thursdays. I actually have a bunch of these written already from when I used to just write for my friends, but I want to get them on Branded.

This week’s featured color is pink. Let’s dive into it (no pun intended).

NFL Breast Cancer awareness month features pink. People forget that the National Football League is a non-profit organization. Everyone acts like the NFL is a big greedy power-hungry corporation, when in reality everything they do is for the greater good of mankind. It is not about making money for themselves. This is never more evident than during the NFL’s Breast Cancer awareness month. During breast cancer awareness month all NFL teams wear pink on their jerseys to remind us that breast cancer exists. Every year the NFL sells millions of dollars in pink breast cancer awareness merchandise to fans across America, and generously donates hundreds upon hundreds of those dollars to breast cancer research.



We could not possibly talk about pink without mentioning the Pink Panther. In the late 90’s/early 2000’s, everyone’s basement ceilings were lined with the Pink Panther’s fiberglass insulation. Owens Corning ran a promotion where a man in a Pink Panther costume would come to your home and insulate your basement himself.



The icon of the popular dating app Tinder is pink(ish). If your name is Kaila and you live in Columbus, please respond to my latest message. You are very pretty and I would like to get to know you better. We had a great back and forth going about how we were going to learn to skateboard together, but then you just never responded. I know it’s annoying talking in the app so if it’s easier to just text my number is 419-202-6042 lol



Paint balls (some of them) are pink. There was nothing I loved more as a kid than going paintballing with my pals. For a few hours every Saturday afternoon, we were the troops.


Me and the boys being troops


Ray Allen’s Tongue is pink. So is everyone else’s, but Ray Allen’s definitely is.



The ‘COVID-19’ section of this pie chart titled “Things I am Sad About” is pink.





Guys who are comfortable with their masculinity often wear pink. Girls can tell a man is confident and comfortable in his own skin when he wears a pink shirt. He is not even worried about people calling him gay.


sup Kaila haha


The once popular Pokémon Jigglypuff is a pink puff. Jigglypuff is not secure with his own masculinity and has never fully come to grips with his pinkness. In 2012 Jigglypuff was cancelled due to homophobic tweets.



Similar to Jigglypuff, Kirby is a pink puff as well. Kirby, however, is a well-adjusted family man who is perfectly content with who he is. The two puffs have never gotten along and are not on speaking terms.








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