Vanessa Hudgens Is Rumored To Be Dating Some Scrub On The Pirates

God, say it ain’t so.

Listen I’m sure Cole Tucker is a nice enough guy and he isn’t even that bad looking but Vanessa. You don’t date a dude on the Pittsburgh Pirates. That’d be like a celebrity dating someone of the, oh I don’t know. Philadelphia 76ers! Just nothing good would come of it.

Look at them… all boo’d up. Looking adorable. It’s sickening!

I wish them nothing but the best. Listen here Mr. Professional Baseball Player. You slip up, me and my boy Walsh sliding into her DMs with the swiftness! Watch your back Cole.

As always here is the Vanessa appreciation. No one tell Chavy I wrote this.

Original TikTok

Last but certainly not least, her WAP dance.

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