For The Love of God Somebody Sign Marquette King

John Rich

I’m looking at you Tennessee Titans. Last week’s Thursday night football game between the Colts and the Titans featured some of the most pathetic special teams you’ll see from the Titans’ punt team.

Titans’ punter Trevor Daniels turned out to be bad at punting. Who could have seen that coming? Me. I could have. Do you know why? Because he is in fact not a professional punter, rather a fucking FedEx driver.


To be fair, the horrible special teams was not all the FedEx drivers fault. One of the punts was blocked and returned for a Colts touchdown, which is more the offensive line’s fault. He did however completely shank a punt with zero pressure in his face while the Titans were pinned deep in their own territory. But keep in mind.. he is a fucking FedEx driver.. so you can only blame him so much.

Too bad there are just no other options out there. If only there was a 32 year old Pro-Bowl punter in need of a job. OH WAIT! Marquette King has been literally begging NFL teams to sign him all year.



Did he forget how to punt? Did he just turn terrible all of the sudden? I can’t imagine that’s true. Punting a football doesn’t seem like a skill that just disappears at age 32. I know he’s still working out because all he does is post Dude Perfect punting videos all over social media on a regular basis. He sure doesn’t look washed up.



Why is nobody signing this man? Not only is he a good punter, but he is a god damn delight as well. With Pat McAfee out of the league, we need a punter with a personality #ForTheBrand.



Somebody sign this man. Can’t help but think he is better than the FUCKING FEDEX DRIVER!!!





John Rich – @JohnRichTV


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