The Sixers Had Two Clear Goals Yesterday, and They Executed Them Flawlessly

We’re coming down from the high of another Philadelphia 76ers draft night, and one with wheeling and dealing that felt like a blast from the past. It went SO well. The Sixers did good things the whole day…I don’t know what to do with my hands.
It was clear that the first day of Daryl Morey’s reign had two goals: Purge 2019 Sixers Mistakes and Acquire Shooting
Purge 2019 Sixers Mistakes:
Remember those Purge movies? You probably do because we got pretty damn close to living out the plot in 2020 real life. The premise of the movie is, for one day you get to run around and everything is legal. Murder, arson, theft. You can destroy anything, and it “cleanses your soul”.
The Sixers spent the better part of yesterday, and this offseason, purging. They got rid of all of the decision makers from last season (Elton was effectively demoted). They sent Josh Richardson packing, despite being a good player. More on that later, but he was a 2019 decision. And of course, the long nightmare is over. Al Horford is GONE.

Trading Al Horford was the ultimate purge move. Some people were discussing Danny Green, or pick protections for what the Sixers sent. Who the hell cares?! It’s miraculous Daryl Morey didn’t have to chop his own nuts off and hand it the opposing GM to get rid of that Horford contract! A first round pick in 2025? If I keep watching the Eagles offense, I’ll be dead by then anyways!
Al Horford was a bigger disaster than a season in which the Sixers won 10 games total. There was no way forward with he and his contract on this team. They were trapped in NBA purgatory, and Daryl Morey relinquished them by purging Horford’s price tag. Can’t think of a more fitting place that matches Al’s play style and personality than the state of Oklahoma. Enjoy it and cya never!
My soul feels cleansed.
Acquire Shooting:
The Sixers didn’t sell off their 2nd round picks?! Josh Harris, blink twice if you are being held captive. No one is coming to save you if you are, but it would be good to know.
So the Sixers flipped pick 36 and Josh Richardson into Seth Curry. As mentioned before, Richardson is a good player. He was on his last year of a deal and the goal was shooting. So he is gone. In steps a Curry brother who’s skill set needs no introduction, but here’s one anyways:

To finish the night they selected Isiah Joe out of Arkansas. He attempted 10(!!) three pointers per game last season for the RazorBacks, er, excuse me #ProHogs as they like to be called on Twitter. This move was very reminiscent of the Eagles saying to themselves, “Oh Quez Watkins? Yeah he’s fast as shit. We need it, we’ll take him”.
It’s been so obvious the Sixers needed to find shooting to surround Ben and Joel. Our podcast director Vince said it best:
Daryl Morey is the smart kid in class who walks by you when you’re struggling with a math problem, and he nonchalantly says “the answer is THIS”. That’s what it feels like when he acquires shooters for this Sixers team and gets rid of bad contracts.
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