The Sixers Need To Trade Ben Simmons And Draft Anthony Edwards: My Column – @JamesSantore


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That’s called a headline grab. Gotcha! No, the Sixers do not need to trade Ben for a Top 3 pick in this year’s draft. In fact, that would be the dumbest thing in the entire world. Especially when the newly crowned legend of the game Anthony Edwards makes comments like this:

This dude has BALLS. He is literally choosing all of the negative comments an NBA 2K MyPlayer would choose if he was trying to be an UDFA. I really think Anthony Edwards is my new favorite player in the league. Think the above tweet is legendary? Check this out:

All-time power move. Imagine just walking up to a fine dining establishment with your own plastic containers filled with your own food and then heating it up on the stove of the PROFESSIONAL Benihana flippers. Those guys are legends and Anthony Edwards could care less.

This dude is going to be a hall-of-fame bag-getter amongst the likes of Sammy “Sleeves” Bradford, Andrew Wiggins, and of course – Mets legend Bobby Bonilla.

Here’s to hoping Edwards has a successful and entertaining NBA Career on and off the court. Here’s to also hoping the Sixers do something good tonight. Trust the process?


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