ECHL On The Verge Of Scrubbing The 2021-21 Season

Well folks, if you are watching the news, as predicted , the virus is spreading at an alarming rate across all 50 of the States. The ECHL had planned to have half of their teams start in December, with the other half starting in January. Certain teams like Norfolk and Atlanta had already said they are sitting out the 2020-2021 season.

Well it looks like the ECHL may be going into full doomsday mode.

It looks as though all the teams geographically near us will cease operations given the fact there will be no fans in stands in this very gate driven league. Its sad news for hockey fans everywhere as the NHL’s AA feeder league may have teams that will not survive missing almost two whole seasons.

This will cause a massive scramble for teams and players as they try to find places to play, and places to put prospects.

Stay tuned.

-Branded Mitch

Featured Image- Daily Gazzette

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