We Are SICK Of Social Media Apps Changing

Not to sound like an old fucking man but I hate change. KFC said it best, we don’t go on Instagram to shop or for TikTok, if I wanted to shop I’d go on Amazon. If I wanted to see stupid dances I’ll never learn I’ll go on TikTok, stop changing shit. If I’m being honest I still don’t understand why there’s IGTV, Reels and then some videos I can just post to my regular Instagram feed. I don’t understand any of it. I felt like this when Instagram stole stories from Snapchat, talk about killing a competitor. Zuckerberg is blood hungry.

I was very opposed to Twitter Stories when I first heard about it this morning.

Quickly, I was all in on it. They’re calling it Fleets, I promise I will never call it that. I mean who thought Fleets was a good idea? Twitter one small step forward five giant steps back every fucking time they try and do something. It’ll never happen because there’s too much money invested and mostly because the guys running Twitter are absolute morons but if they want to just steal everyone’s shit I’m in. Twitter is the only app I want to use anyway, I’m begging them to let me delete the other eight I have to use.

I wonder what Tom from MySpace is doing… I should call him.

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