Trades, Trades And More NBA Trades!

The NBA lifted their trade moratorium Monday and the trades started to roll in, starting with a pretty big one.

I said this was a possibility last week when I blogged about some NBA rumors that were floating around. I’m not saying Woj needs to credit me but he should give credit where credit is due.

It’s an absolute fire sale in OKC right now. Shai is the Thunders PG of the future and it looks like even after a less than inspiring bubble they are committed to him.

The more recent trades are a lot more fun. CP3 getting traded is big, I get that, but it isn’t fun. It’ll be fun to watch but the trade is whatever. These next ones are just fun.

After the Rockets spent the entire lying about running it back next year and that they had no intentions of trading Russ or Harden this happened.

Harden doesn’t want to make $50 million a year to play in Houston. Fifty. Million. He wants to play in Brooklyn, now I’m not sure how petty he is willing to get. Like, if they just don’t trade him he’s still going to play next year I would assume. I’m not sure if NBA players can but you never see them hold out like NFL players do. I would still expect him to be on the Rockets unless Brooklyn can put together a nice package.

RoCo to Portland for Ariza and the 16th pick. It’s fine, I don’t think it helps you keep Harden which is the only thing that should be on the mind of the Rockets. Ariza is going to end up getting bought out if Harden forces his way out, this is a smart trade. Ariza and Harden are friends, worst case you get a pick in the teens and you send Ariza to the Lakers for a bag of balls.

The next two trades are how you keep your superstar happy.


Now that is an expensive ass fucking trade. Is Jrue Holiday worth two picks and three draft picks? No. Is Giannis? Yes you morons. Everyone saying this is an overpay by the Bucks are just idiots. Not you and I, though. Let’s talk it out, are you okay with losing three draft picks that aren’t going to ever be good picks to keep your back to back MVP? The answer should be yes and that’s what the Bucks did.

Oh Milwaukee keep it coming baby. The Bucks flipped Eric Bledsoe, George Hill, Donte Divencenzo, Ersan Ilyasova, DJ Wilson and 3 picks for Jrue Holiday and Bogdan. That’s undoubtedly a win for the Bucks. That is a lot of assets given up for two good players. Listen, if the Bucks don’t do anything this off-season we clown them for not doing enough once Giannis walks. At least they’re trying, will it work? We’ll see but at least they gave it the old college try.

Big takeaway from today’s moves?

  1. It is going to take a lot for a team the Nets to get Harden.
  2. Russ is probably not getting moved.
  3. The market is now set, Bradley Beal is going to cost a whole lot and probably is stuck in Washington.
  4. I fucking love the NBA off-season. Just absolute chaos. It’s the only thing that’s made sense in 2020.

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