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Wow. What a day. The first episode of Skyline Spew is here. Who would have thought the same day that I released the first episode of the podcast would coincide with the Sixers flipping Horford, Tobi, Tisse, and picks for Harden? (Writing this on Monday night so this is wishful thinking here)

In all seriousness, the first episode of the Spew is out now. We had a ton of fun recording this episode and think we have a special chemistry in the studio amongst the #SpewCrew that makes for a great show. If you watched our live stream on Saturday night then you probably have an idea of what you can expect. But, for those people that were too busy “having fun with their friends” to watch four guys sit in front of a laptop and drink beers whilst talking to random people on the internet, then here is a quick rundown of what we discussed in Episode 1:


-Meeting Portnoy and the One Bite Pizza Review

-Sixers Jerseys

-NBA Draft Preview


As we’ve said before, please send in anything you would like to hear us talk about. We’re big hypotheticals-guys so get ready for some pointless debate and passive-aggressiveness towards each other’s choices!

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