Power Ranking Movies That Have Used Stealers Wheel “Stuck In The Middle With You”

In 1972 Scottish musicians Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan released what was arguably the best piece of entertainment to come out of Scotland (until it was upstaged by the 1996 porn parody of Braveheart known as ShavedFart) with their smash hit Stuck In The Middle With You.

The song revolutionized the Scottish folk rock genre and will forever be remembered as a great fucking song. Thankfully throughout the years movie directors have decided to honor the song by strategically placing it into their movies which 1) elevates the scene and 2) introduces the song to a new and younger audience. So let’s rank these movies by their use of the song and quality of the film.

1) Reservoir Dogs

Whoa! Coming out hot to start the rankings is Quentin Tarantino’s feature film debut which arguably has the most memorable use of the song in cinema history!

In the above scene (slightly NSFW) Mr Yellow is pleasuring himself in the form of torturing officer Marvin Nash. The ear cut is iconic, it’s made lesser men grab a vomit bag, and it’s one of the most memorable scenes from a 1992 film. The use of a soft, soothing song to offset the graphic violence is *chef’s kiss* but enough felating this movie let’s talk about other films that have used the song.

So yeah it turns out this is the only film (according to Google) that has featured the song in their movie. Crazy!

Did I write this blog just because this song was the song that popped up on shuffle first when I started my car this morning? Maybe. I’ve also been wanting to watch Reservoir Dogs really bad lately. Unfortunately Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max have dropped the ball (and a letter grade in my opinion) and decided to not to carry this film. Leaving me to dig through my DVD collection or spend $3.99 to rent it on YouTube. So as you can see I’m in quite the pickle.

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