Jimmy Fallon Asked NFL Players To Drop Weird Phrases Into Their Interviews


Full disclosure, I didn’t watch Jimmy Fallon last night, as I don’t ever night. So I’m not 100% sure that Jimmy actually had anything to do with this or it was just NFL players saying weird things. But either way, it’s a pretty funny video.

See what I’m saying? That seems like something Gronk would actually say. And the response to the follow up where the reporter says ‘I’ve never heard that before what does it mean?’ That was a fantastic Gronk rebuttal. Oh yeah my mom growing up use to tell me to drizzle syrup on everything I do in life. I’m not even joking, I can’t tell if that is real or not. If there is one mother out there that would toss that out there it would be Mrs. Gronk.

I hope this trend continues. Let’s make these interviews as nonsensical as possible. Then again, we’ve already got insane answers coming from Doug Pederson’s mouth so maybe we’ve already got it.

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