Is Harry Styles Destroying Masculinity By Wearing A Dress On The Cover Of Vogue?

We are a long way from Kim Kardashian breaking the internet with a picture of her oily ass. It’s 2020, so naturally Harry Styles can’t even wear a dress on the COVER OF FUCKING VOGUE without having Ben Shapiro’s virgin opinion on masculinity shoved down our throats.

Harry Styles could be on stilts in a Big Bird costume chain smoking Marlboro Reds and I’d immediately take off my underwear. For gods sake Blake Shelton was named Sexiest Man Alive 3 years ago. Russell Westbrook and James Harden did this photoshoot for GQ and people are genuinely concerned Harry Styles is undermining traditional masculinity.

There is a certain segment of the internet that exists simply to give extreme takes for attention due to an overall lack of talent or charisma. The two pioneers of that segment are the aforementioned Ben Shapiro, and Candace Owens. Tomi Lahren is close 3rd but I don’t even think she believes it anymore.

How can you see Harry in that picture and not first think, wow that’s actually a pretty dress Harry has great style, and then that you want to rip off that corset top and fuck for 3 hours to the new Ariana Grande album?

Showing out on the cover of Vogue Magazine wearing a dress is the manliest man you can get. Not giving a fuck screams toxic masculinity. Straight men will literally wear 15 year old sweatpants with a hole in the ball sack and a wrinkled Hanes t-shirt and say Harry Styles in a Gucci dress is a bad look for the male gender.

Ben and Candace would prefer the oozing testosterone levels of a Bachelorette episode group date with cropped skinny jeans and loafers without socks. Honestly, I didn’t even realize there was enough manliness to go around after these guys hit the scene.

Any minute the celebrities are going to release their latest karaoke music video supporting our manly king Harry Styles.

Oh and suck on this Candace. Dresses are so comfortable.


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