Announcing the Skyline Spew Podcast – First Episode Out Tuesday – @JamesSantore @SkylineSpew

“A key to manifestation is that when the doors of opportunity open, you have to walk through them.”

Well, folks, that corny quote above is pretty indicative of why we’re starting Skyline Spew. Kev and I would sit at our Delco League games (shout out my ‘Cats) and talk about how we wanted to do something creative and interesting with our lives. We always have thought differently about life than some of our friends, whether that be our approach to music, fashion, and even sports. So when I joined Branded a few weeks back, Kev and I were sitting on the roof talking about how this was our chance to manifest our dreams.

We really think that people will appreciate our points of view on things as we always make sure to have a positive spin on whatever the topic is. I can promise you that after you are done listening to an episode, we’ll have your mind right and ready to attack the day. We’re going to have some pretty special guests on the show as well as do some other cool content to supplement the podcast.

We want Skyline Spew to be an outlet for those looking to escape the crazy world around us. Because whether or not you like this show, that is what this show is for us – an outlet. Recording Episode 1 the other night and it was on par with a night out at the upstairs of Drinkers after some Bud Heavy 40oz’s – electric.

FIRST EPISODE OUT TOMORROW, NOVEMBER 17TH! We talk all things #SaveLaSalleBASE, Dave Portnoy, Sixers jerseys, and the introduction of our first segment – #FitCheck.

Subscribe and listen to the trailer and be the first to listen to tomorrow’s episode on your preferred podcast platform here:

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