(Video) The HBO Documentary On Tiger Woods Is Going To Be Incredible

Another reason we all should be rooting for 2021 to finally get here is the documentary: Tiger. It’s going to be a two part series taking a deep dive into the rise, fall and amazing comeback of Tiger Woods. Judging by this trailer, it looks like it’s going to be program tv, an absolute can’t miss.

I mean, goosebumps, boners and tears just from a one minute preview. Good god. Now I know Tiger isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Shouldn’t have cheated on his wife a thousand times and the DUI stuff is not a great look. But as a golfer, the best there ever was. I know he’s behind Jack for the majors but I don’t care. Put those two head to head and Tiger bodies Jack.

And even if Tiger isn’t for you, this doc will be. It’s got everything. The height of fame and success, spicy affairs, family death and an epic comeback. I really don’t know a more compelling story to tell. The biggest issue I have with this is it’s only 2 parts. Give us the MJ 10 treatment. At least like 5.

Either way, don’t miss this. Going to have unseen interviews with his father, his former caddy and even the woman he cheated on his wife with. Buckle up.

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