NHL Return To Play Partially In The Hands Of Claude Giroux

It seems like all eyes are on the NHL to announce an official plan for their return to play on “January 1st”, since the NBA announced their own return to play earlier this month. As of right now, we have no idea when the NHL will be back, but they have said they are targeting a return to play in January, with the AHL to follow in February.

It has been recently announced that Ian Cole, Zach Hyman, Ron Hainsey, and our very own Claude Giroux are on the NHLs return to play player committee, that is working closely with the NHLPA. There are 11 more players than the last return to play committee and there is hope that they can get a plan going forward soon. Important to note that JVR was the Flyers representative of the NHLPA to the NHL last return to play, so its nice to see the Flyers being so active in this process.

With the return to play hopefully coming, it will be interesting to see what happens to the Canadian teams up north, as the border remains closed and looks to be for the near future. Teams having to do quarantines to play in the States and vice versa would make a season not only impossible to wrap up before the Olympics, but financially impossible.

Hoping to see the NHL return soon, and hoping that college hockey can fill the void.

-Branded Mitch

Featured Image- Broad Street Hockey

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