It’s Impossible To Hate Jamie Benn After This…


Man, if you watched this video and didn’t feel bad for Jamie Benn you might not have a heart. Look I am by no means a Dallas Stars fan but I am a hockey fan and when you see stuff like this it really makes you feel for these guys. After losing game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final to the Tampa Bay Lightning, Jamie Benn like the rest of his teammates and the Stars fan base was devastated. After being away from their families for months and playing through countless injuries their dream of winning the Stanley Cup was crushed. 

The Dallas Stars had a hell of a run to even get to the Cup Final and to come up just short sucks. Jamie Benn is the leader of the Stars team and usually takes the blunt of the criticism along with Tyler Seguin when the team struggles. While sometimes it may be well deserved, at the end of the day you can’t sit there and say these guys don’t care. If their effort on the ice wasn’t enough to prove that to you just look at this video and go back and watch his media conference after the game. 

These guys know they may never get another shot at winning the most prestigious trophy in all of sports and by far the hardest one to win. To come within two games of capturing the thing you’ve dreamed of since you were a kid has to be one of the worst feelings in the world. Benn and the Stars still have a bright future ahead and very well could be a Cup contender for the next few years. The Western Conference has a lot of great teams and it will be no easy task for them to make it out of the west but they have the talent and they gained some much needed experience going forward. 

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