Donald Trump Could Already Have His Next Job Lined Up As Jeopardy Host


After the entire world mourned the devastating loss of the most universally loved man of all time Alex Trebek, Vegas jumped to put out odds on the next host of Jeopardy.

Meanwhile, Trump — No. 30 on the list — would help his backers make a fortune, with them winning $100,000 for every $100 they bet if he went from the White House to “Jeopardy!”

If Trump really wanted to do something for the American people and improve his favorability rating, he would accept the job and give a few lucky bettors an extra stimulus check. After all, come January Trump will join the millions of unemployed Americans struggling to pay bills, evade taxes and avoid serious jail time for numerous sexual assault allegations. It’s got to be pretty tough to break into the job market in the middle of a pandemic, even though President of the United States should probably look good on a resume. Speaking of, do you think Trump has ever had a resume?

In reality Trump should be way lower than 30th on this list. He hasn’t had to follow up a more beloved leader in at least 4 years. Plus the qualifications for Jeopardy host are seemingly more intense than becoming the President. He’d be required to rehearse, read questions, and most impossibly feign interest in the personal life of various nerdy adults.

It would be a hell of a show though, when it’s not a matter of life and death. Trump trying to read questions in a Shakespeare category? What would happen when he reads the answer to a question that he thinks is wrong? Anything about the biggest or the best at anything?


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