Breaking- Google May Kick The Sharks Out Of San Jose

Well I really thought it would be Arizona or Florida that would be the first team on the move, but its starting to look like the San Jose Sharks may be looking for a new home before any other team in the NHL.

The San Jose Sharks sent this to their fans this morning:

Basically, Google and the City of San Jose want to build 65 new buildings in the area where the Sharks SAP Center is, and the Sharks may have no choice but to move on.

The San Jose Sharks President Tweeted this this morning:

I obviously would love the Sharks to stay in San Jose, I grew up watching the Sharks and very much loved them in the last decade, minus last season.

It would be a hit to the hockey culture in California if the Sharks had to move, and we are all eagerly watching in the hope that they will stay in San Jose.

Their lease on the arena runs out in 2025, so the clock is ticking for the Sharks to figure out where their new home is!

-Branded Mitch

Source- Twitter

Featured Image- Golden State Sports

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