Chavy’s Thoughts November 12th

“Hehe” – Paulie Walnuts

What’s up everyone it’s Thursday and I’ve burned through all my blog ideas for this week which can only mean it’s time for….Chavy’s Thoughts!

Brain = Fried

Last night I was asked to be a part of Brain Fry Trivia our weekly game show presented by the drip gawd himself Stevie Stats. According to Ali I was challenged by her because “he’d make it funny” and I’d like to think I didn’t disappoint. Also there’s an undercard match between Mitch and Walsh that is an interesting watch if your hockey knowledge goes beyond the movie Slap Shot and the beloved Mighty Ducks trilogy (which mine does not).

Thank you Stat boy for having me on and an even bigger thank you for making me look like an absolute mongoloid next to you with your outfit choice. Next time let’s coordinate our outfits you handsome son of a gun!

Celebrity Deaths Suck

Like most I was saddened to learn that beloved game show host Alex Trebek had passed away. And again like most even though we didn’t know him personally we felt a personal connection to Trebek because the guy was a fixture on our TV during most of our childhood and adult life. However one thing that makes me wish celebrities were invincible (besides the fact that I’d want Ryan Dunn alive so we could see him up the ante on his “toy car in the butt” bit by having Bam parallel park a Tesla in his ass) is the cringeworthy tributes. Perfect example incoming.

Look I fancy myself an “average to below average Christian” so I’m not here to dispute whether or not this is actually going on right now up in the sky. However this is just a blatant attempt at clout. I mean Jesus Christ how long has Adam the Creator been sitting on this masterpiece? When Trebek announced his cancer diagnosis back in 2019 did he fire up the MacBook Pro and make this gem with some placeholder dead celebs (Abraham Lincoln, Amy Winehouse and MLK)?

Was Adam just perusing through some famous celebs and putting a hex on them so he could fire off this picture and revel in the infinite amount pussy that would be thrust upon him for his service? Besides wanting to these dead celebs back to spend time with their family part of me wanted these celebs to make it through 2020 so Ol’ Adam would’ve had to use Little Richard, Wilford Brimely, and Nick Gordon in his Trebek tribute and he’d have to watch his RT’s get slashed in half.

Holidate. Not Bad.

So like most cuffed guys around the world I was subjected to watch the latest and greatest that Netflix has to offer in the form of Holidate starring Emma Roberts. Now I’ll be honest when my girlfriend (sick brag I know) asks me if I want to watch these movies I have yet to find myself disappointed by them. Even when we watched A Fall From Grace I was thoroughly entertained throughout that dogshit movie as it was so bad I couldn’t stop laughing.

But back to Holidate. This was a typical rom-com with a little bit more self awareness and I enjoyed it. The only critique I had was that King Bach sucks. I could act circles around this chud. So Netflix I implore you to call me next time you need a dorky, unfunny (but thinks he’s funny), soft 5, internet personality to make the male lead look like a Greek God by comparison. Just call me next time. At half the cost (and half the charm) I think I’ll be of better use.

That’s all I have for the week. Stay safe Branders this weekend and shameless plug of all my shit coming in 3…..2……1……

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