Around The NBA, Rumors With Some Legs

That would be a very interesting trade. Let’s walk through this a bit, the Celtics are looking to win a title. I don’t know if Jrue holiday is the missing piece but he is a great player and will help in the immediate more than 3 rookies will. If the Celtics don’t trade up, down or out I want them to pick up Nesmith. Assuming they do trade down what does that look like?

Atlanta has been rumored to be wanting to move back in the draft so I think it would need to be something like Boston’s three picks (14, 26, 30) and the Pelicans pick (13) going to Atlanta with 6 going to New Orleans. Boston is going to need to move someone out to match Jrues contract, maybe that someone is Hayward? Atlanta would somehow need to shed $30 million but I’m just saying it’s possible.

This one doesn’t make much sense to me. Spurs wanting to go younger, I get that. I would try to get rid of Aldridge and Gay before Derozan. Demar barely makes more then Aldridge but I’d argue is the better player, unless they want to make room for Lonnie Walker to fully take over. I just don’t see the appeal in Danny Green and Kyle Kuzma. Nothing but a downgrade and the contract years are all the same so you don’t even get to drop them off the team after this season. Kuzma maybe because he’s still young and on his rookie deal but he has not shown me anything I’d need to see to trade Derozan away.

Trouble in paradise Indy. Vics sister is saying this is all bullshit and takes a shot at Myles Turner on the way out the door. Turner has been rumored to be moved for like 3 years now but after this he might actually be on his way out. I’ve been begging Danny Ainge to bring him to Boston forever.

Hornets are dysfunctional so of course they are heavily pursuing Russ when they literally just need to shed some of their bad contracts and wait for their young core to develop. If they get their guy in this draft, next year is supposedly an all time draft and that’s just another year for these young guys to develop and grow together.

We’ve all heard rumors about Harden getting traded to Philly, I don’t put much stock in it and every 76ers fan I’ve seen wouldn’t want the deal done if it involves Ben or Joel. Personally I think trading Simmons for Harden is a massive upgrade but I think this is just talk because Morey is now in Philly. Nothing will come from it. That being said I think Perk is the only person who thinks Harden to Brooklyn is a real possibility. I haven’t seen it anywhere else, I don’t think he’s making it up but I don’t think it will happen. With that being said the Nets have been rumored to be shopping Dinwiddie around and the Rockets don’t have any first rounders this draft. If the Rockets want to rebuild they’ll need to trade both Russ and Harden, Dinwiddie is a good piece plus a couple first rounders. Rockets flipping Harden and Westbrook for the 3 and 19 pick plus Dinwiddie, maybe Caris Levert and whatever young guy they can steal from Charlotte? I’ve seen worse starts to a rebuild. I’d put this in the wildly unlikely category, though.

OKC also wants to move CP3 and Adams. Chris Paul to Phoenix has been making its rounds and honestly I’m a fan of this. I’ve heard the 76ers might make a move for Paul as well but I don’t know who OKC would want off that roster not named Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid.

NBA trade moratorium lifts on Monday. Gonna be a wild couple of days leading into the Draft.

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