Which Sixers Jersey Do You Prefer?

AJ Torres

Okay, I’ve had a day to take in the new Sixers jersey they released yesterday. I’m gonna be honest with you, my opinion hasn’t waivered. They’re hot garbage and there is nothing else to it.

The only cool thing about the top half is that they snuck TTP in the Boat House Row design. That was pretty crafty not gonna lie, but other than that the top half is horrible. It looks like the Sixers put a row of gingerbread houses front in center on the jersey. They might as well of put Christmas lights on the houses too. To be completely honest, it looks like a knock off throwback Nuggets jersey.

The shorts are fire and the new court design is fire, so I won’t completely bag on the Sixers, but I believe they dropped the ball here.

Yesterday I was doing my normal Facebook/Twitter feed scrolling and I popped up on a fan made design of what the new Sixers jerseys SHOULD’VE looked like.

Now THIS is a jersey that would’ve gotten my money

It’s the perfect combination of the old school black and gold jerseys and the new concept red and blue jerseys. Whoever this person is that created this design deserves a job somewhere because these are MONEY$$$.

So overall, I’m not fan of the new jersey whatsoever. But if you could choose the jersey the Sixers put out of the fan created design, which would you prefer?

Featured Image: CBS Philly

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