Was Hiring James The Bravest Thing I’ve Ever Done?


Good day Branded readers and listeners. I would like to first apologize for my absence this week. I know my blogs put eyeballs in seats and people need their fix. Unfortunately I’m still waiting for Rona results because my household might be positive. That means no child care and watching a toddler while trying to entertain the internet at the same time can be difficult. And I know what you’re thinking. ‘My god, he’s so brave to blog through this. Our hero.’

To that I just want to say I’m no hero. Just a man doing his best in what can sometimes appear very heroic.

But speaking of brave, I recently brought on James Santore to Branded. He’s the face of Save LaSalle Baseball and he is hungry to get in the content game.

Since he joined he’s been blogging his nuts off and getting some great traction as well. Feel like we may have hit a home run here. But there is something that needs to be addressed publicly. Because to the outside world it looks like we brought on a content hungry, creative and entertaining blogger. This all seems like a good thing but there is a huge glaring issue that I need to face head on. And that’s what makes this such a brave hire on my part.

James is a god damn stud.

There is no way around it. Before James came on I was just cleaning up at Branded as the best looking blogger/founder/owner/CEO. Everyday I could just rag on Eddie or AJ for looking like a pile of shit. Then I would look in the mirror and say something like ‘mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the sexiest Brander of all?’ Every time it was me!!!! But no longer. Now I’ve got to deal with James fucking Boflex over here.

Before last week I wouldn’t fix my hair or sometimes even put on a non wrinkled shirt for livestreams. I might show up to the next stream in an entire god damn tux. Hair done by a professional and I’ve already started looking for a make up artist.

It takes a big man to admit to his mistakes. In terms of James hire, it was no mistake. But credit where credit is due. Bringing on a guy that immediately puts me as the second best looking person at Branded is nothing short of bravery. Doing what is best for the brand above my own good will. That’s what leaders do.

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