Dissecting the new Sixers Jerseys – and a Question About “The Process” – @JamesSantore

Yesterday was supposed to be a big day. The Sixers had announced they will be announcing their new jerseys for the upcoming season, one which brings with it a new coach in Doc Rivers, an all-star staff of assistants, Daryl freaking Morey, and hopefully a better, more cohesive roster.

Add in the teased AI-era black throwbacks and we really were looking at a fun season ahead. Then, this happens:

New court? Fire. Shorts? FIRE. Jersey? I almost fell off my damn roof. Objectively, the jersey isn’t bad. It’s unique, I like the black, and I do think they will grow on the fan base over the season (especially if the team has success – then I will praise the jersey and order seven). Boathouse Row is an awesome Philly landmark, but personally, I think it is a little gingerbread house-ish. For a team that personifies the ECW/WWF era of Pro Wrestling (shout out Zo and #SixersTwitter), having a glorified holiday card on the front of your jersey comes off a little Knicks-ish.

I mean, just look at these beauties below (graphic design is my passion – iykyk). Future Sixers legend Buddy Hield is easily dropping 25/6/3 on 39% shooting beyond the arc in these.

It’s a shame we won’t get treated to those beauties, mostly because they have been teased FOR YEARS. Chris Heck, who runs all marketing and branding for the team, tweeted this out in 2017 leading people to believe they were returning:

But, I’m all about positivity. So instead of being upset about our cherished throwback blacks not coming back, here’s to hoping #TheRow jerseys bring a championship back to the city.

Until that time – here is how my IG followers are feeling:

I do have one question for the readers: Where are we with “The Process” at this point? I swear I am not being a hater here and this is a cool addition to the jersey, but Brett getting fired signaled a new era of Sixers basketball for me. TTP will forever be a part of Sixers lore and if this is an ode to that, so be it. So let me ask: Are we still in “The Process” era until we win a championship? Or have we moved on. Sound off in the comments/DM’s.

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