Adidas/NHL Revealing Reverse Retro Look



The NHL and adidas have announced they will be releasing new Reverse Retro jerseys for the upcoming season, whenever that may be…*Whispers It’ll start January 1st but you didn’t hear it from me if I’m wrong.*

Anyway, over the last few weeks we have seen a few jerseys for teams being leaked on the internet. Some have looked great, others not so much. But we can’t be too quick to judge because until it comes from the real source we don’t know what they will actually look like.

The hype video was pretty cool and all 31 teams will be getting a new look for this season. I think we are all hoping our teams bring back one of the classic jerseys but that probably won’t happen. Sure they might have a similar look but you just know adidas is going to be their own style into it.

From what I’ve been reading it looks like the jerseys are set to be revealed on November 16th so Mark your calendars.

The Bruins one is the one from the image in the cover and ehh not impressed. We’ve seen the Flyers and Penguins ones and they are okay. So far out of the leaked ones the Golden Knights have had the best looking ones in my opinion.

I’m excited to see what all of them end up looking like and I’m sure I’ll talk myself into buying a Flyers one because why the hell not.

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