AEW wrestler Chris Jericho turned 50 years old yesterday and decided to flex on Twitter that he looks better at half a century old than most do in their prime (myself included).

Now is this the body of a Greek god? No. Will I sit here and tell Chris Jericho that knowing that I have a bit of a beer gut and get tired out from foreplay? Absolutely not.

However that line of thinking never crossed the minds of wrestling twitter as these 6’4 shredded stock Bros fattys decided to let Jericho know he looks like shit.

Yes this guy who’s forcing his dog to sit right in the crosshairs of his smelly asshole (which is probably primed and ready to let out a deadly concoction of Hot Cheetos and Mountain Dew LiveWire) is making fun of a pro wrestler for having “tits”. The irony is not lost on me here.

Oh you want some of this Branded Sports smoke to Mr Harris? Coming right up!

UPDATE: After watching a few of Gerald Harris’ KO’s from his UFC days I am officially giving him a pass to call Chris a crushed beer can or anything else he wants to call him for that matter.

Sick brag and sun visor bro.

This dog has such a look of defeat on its face. I can only assume it’s because this guy lathers up his balls in peanut butter and lures the dog over to lick it off while he pretends it’s his favorite female wrestler or his old high school prom date (the one who got away).

The irony of fattys doing this will never not be funny to me. Especially when they use an account that has a picture of themself to do their slander. It’s as if they don’t take into account that an Ohio based blogger for a Philadelphia based sports blog will peruse through their Twitter and point out the irony of them body shaming someone in the form of a blog!


Wrestling fans are some of the most disconnected from reality people I know. And I’ll end the blog with some concrete proof.

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