Ladies and Gentleman, Wayne Dripsky…


Not only is he “The Great One” on the ice, Wayne has now claimed the title off the ice as well. Look, I’m not much of a fashion guy as I tend to usually rock basketball shorts and t-shirts most of the time. But my goodness, seeing Wayne rock this outfit has made me really think about my fashion choices.

I mean the dude is just dripping swag right here. The hoodie is so clean and the jacket overtop of it just makes the look even better. The pants just work here I’m not even sure what else to say about them. He’s got the smirk going on that clearly says “Yea, I know I look fly as fuck right now and I’m definitely gonna steal your chick.”

I can only hope to have this much drip when I’m Gretzky’s age. Once I start changing my style the only difference between me and Wayne will be the amount of career points we had.

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Featured Image-NHL Instagram

Gretzky Pic-NHL Instagram

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