The International Sign That Christmas SZN Has Finally Arrived


If you read Ali’s blog a couple weeks ago she basically went on a rant that you can’t start pushing Christmas for like another month. Absolutely insane claim. Thanksgiving is great and all but Christmas fucks. The only reason you should push off celebrating the Christmas szn in November is because fall is the best time of the year. It’s not too cold, football is in full swing and there are a billion fall specialty items.

But unfortunately for Ali and the rest of us, we don’t get to decide when it’s time to get Christmas szn poppin. That is up to the all mighty PA lottery.

That’s right, Joe is back buying lottery tickets as gifts and the 5 cash five girl is sing her tits off. Nothing is more heart warm and comforting than the Christmas PA lottery commercial. Turn down the lights, get the fire cranking, pour a glass of red and let the sweet sounds of improbable cash prizes sooth you away.

PS: Nothing better than being in a warm bar on a cold day that is decorated for Christmas. Absolutely nothing.

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