No One Had A Worse Weekend Than Philip Rivers


There has to be no greater fear for a 38 year old slow veteran QB than looking a defensive back dead in the eye as he runs full speed ahead at you ready to lower an elbow. Phil’s whole body has got to be sore from picking up all those children so he really should not be acting like he can handle any of the smoke of making a simple tackle.

On a weekend full of winners and also losers, perhaps no one was a bigger loser than Phil Rivers on this attempted tackle on an interception return against Baltimore.

A closer look…

I don’t care how many touchdowns Philip Rivers has thrown in his career, it’s just not good to have an iconic lowlight performance like that on your resume. If it can be easily transitioned to animated GIF format, it’s not something that’s just going to go away. Any time someone is trying to make an argument that stinks or looks stupid that’s a quality GIF response.

Believe it or not in this day, those things have to influence a guy’s HOF consideration. If he’s on the fence and a panel of experts starts debating voting him in, the question “does he have any undeniably embarrassing GIFs on GIPHY?” is going to become more and more relevant.


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