Does This Bozo Have The Weirdest Tattoo Ever?


As someone who frequently scrolls through Reddit at their work desk I’ve seen a lot of dumb tattoos in my day (and a lot of NSFW videos involving vegetables and amatuer exbishinists). But goddamn this may be the weirdest one of them all.

I mean this guy has a naked baby on his chest. I repeat this man has a naked baby on his chest. One more time. THIS MAN HAS A NAKED BABY TATTOOED ON HIS CHEST!

If you’re a woman who has sex with this guy (and I’m assuming it’s not as much about pleasure as it is about him paying for your services in the form of crystal meth) you can’t in your right mind have sex any other way than him standing behind you. No woman wants to get her rocks off while looking at a naked baby with an implied tic tac dick in the form of your nipple.

I will say though it does look pretty clean all things considered. Whenever you come across tattoos like these you’ll see a wonky eye or an extra digit on the hand but props to the artist who inked up ol Billy Bob he stayed in the lines!

I don’t know if this guy’s a superfan, stupid, or both but regardless if I’m anyone from the cast of Family Guy I’m idiot proofing my house just incase this yahoo tries to break in and get an autograph and our kill me.

P.S. Is this technically child pornography on this guy’s chest? Or does he get a pass ala Nirvana with their album Nevermind? 

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