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Well folks, welcome to the new world. Without diving too much into politics here, we are living in a much different world today than we were yesterday. Good, bad, or indifferent, where we go from here is of the utmost importance to keeping this country afloat. I was able to experience the reaction to the news in Philly yesterday and again, political views aside, saw a contingent of people that were happy. Happy, excited, and hopeful that the future is bright for everyone.

The last time I had felt that type of positivity was in 2018 during the Eagles miraculous run to the Super Bowl. The entire city rallied around that team and for the first time in my years of living here, I felt a collective pride and joy amongst Philadelphians that was even shared by those who have the dubious distinction of being labeled as Cowboys fans.

I make that analogy to show that we can all come together, no matter what your views are. Positivity breeds progress. And progress is what we all desperately need right now. So take a page out of BD Nick’s book and follow this quote:

“So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.”

Take the time today to envision what you want the future to look like. We all have a part to play in moving this country forward. Today is your day to begin figuring it out. Again, no matter your political views, Philly stepped tf up the past few days to voice their collective opinion. And as someone who believes in saying whatever the hell is on your mind and having conviction doing so, I have never been prouder of this damn city.

Go Birds baby. Philly proud.

(My intention here is to not influence anyone’s political views. I am politically agnostic and am strictly trying to bring positivity to a polarizing situation.)

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