Interception, Fumble, Another Fumble And TD. All On One Play

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First off, no idea where this is but has to be high school football. It’s a Friday, which is a tell tale sign and of course the fact this is something you only see under the lights of high school ball. What an exciting play. My first thought was, if this happens at the end of the game and you need a touchdown form the team that scored it at the end. You probably went through the wildest rollercoaster of emotions.

See the quarterback drop back, toss it to the endzone annnnnnd it gets picked off. In your mind it’s over. That cover isn’t hitting and you’re wife is going to kill you for betting on high school football in the first place. But wait!! They fumbled it and we’ve got it. Holy shit, we’re back baby! Just walk this in the endzone nice and easily and OH MY GOD HE FUMBLED IT IN THE ENDZONE!!! She’s going to divorce me, maybe I can get a credit card advance and she won’t know. Also she’s got a ton of red bottom shoes, she won’t notice one pair ends up at the pawn shop. HANG ON, WE LANDED ON IT!!! TOUCHDOWN BABY, NEVER IN DOUBT!!!

I’m exhausted just writing that, can’t image living it.

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