Ovechkin To The KHL

Well it was only a matter of time before he would return home to the motherland…Washington Capitals All Star forward Alex Ovechkin is headed to the KHL in Russia….

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Well, not for like another five or so years. In a recent interview with a Russian TV station the “Great 8” claimed he’d like to end his career in the KHL. Here’s the quote…

“I’m still in my prime. I think I will definitely play for a few more years, God grant that my health is good. I would finish in Russia at Dynamo Moscow.”

When Ovie says he is still in his prime, he isn’t lying. The guy has been on fire the last few seasons and shows no signs of slowing down and it’s kind of scary. I’ll be the first to admit when I am wrong and this was one of those times. I honestly thought he would start to decline a little bit in his later years but no. Hand up, that’s on me for even thinking an athlete like him would slow down at all. If you’ve been watching Ovie play over the last 15 years he’s truly been something special and maybe the best player we’ve seen since Gretzky. The guy scores goals at an incredible pace and has a legit chance to get close to Gretzky’s record depending on how long he continues to play for.

Just look at his numbers for his career…

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If it wasn’t for COVID he was well on his way to another 50 goal season which would of been the 9th of his career. I fully believe he will have multiple 50 goal seasons in the next few years just based off the way he has been playing. Teams still refuse to cover him on the penalty kill and he continues to score from the top of the circle. It’s comical at this point that the guy has scored so many goals from the same spot. As a coach, id be willing to have two guys just follow him so he can’t get to the spot and score. I’d rather literally anyone else on the ice beat me than have Ovie just ripping one time clappys from the top of the circle.

Hockey fans, when the next season of the NHL starts and as his career winds down make sure you take the time to appreciate the great career that Alex Ovechkin has had. As a Flyers fan I have the pleasure of getting to watch him play multiple times a year and have been able to see him play live quite a few times. As much as I may not like the Capitals I have nothing but respect for Ovechkin and was happy to see him win a Stanley Cup a few years back. I look forward to watching the rest of his career and will quietly be rooting for him to score goals as long as they aren’t against the Flyers.

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