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2020. What a freaking year. If you had told me on January 1st that I would be writing a blog for Branded Sports after doing a live stream about saving La Salle Baseball I would’ve probably had a few more shots that night. But here we are…

Blogging is something I’ve wanted to do since I was first introduced to Barstool. Pardon My Take got me through the corporate finance job that I had out of college that forced me to sit in a cubicle for 8+ hours a day navigating the chaotic world of VLookups and pivot tables. The way Big Cat and PFT not only thought about sports but were able to relay their thoughts to their audience was eye-opening for me and made the monotonous days in my dark 39th-floor cubicle a little bit easier to get through. Flash forward to today and I am now working in the sports industry as the Chief of Staff at SeventySix Capital where I get to live and breathe sports 24/7. My passion became my job and it has been a hell of a ride ever since. 

Now, if any of you have heard my name or seen me before it’s probably for something regarding #SaveLaSalleBASE. Branded was kind enough to help share our story of how and why we plan on saving our program and I somehow also managed to get Dave Portnoy to come onto La Salle’s campus in North Philly for a One Bite Pizza Review. Dave was the man and the platform he gave us for our campaign has really helped get us to where we are today. I’m happy to say that we have been in contact with the school and have an actual plan in place to bring the program back. We still have to raise funds but the structure is there and we are all confident we’ll be able to #SaveLaSalleBASE. Also, shout out to my college teammates and some of my best friends Joe Ravert (@ThatsSoRavert) and Kevin McGowan (@k__maccc) for being a part of our team running the campaign. These two have been amazing every step of the way and are a huge part of the reason why we will be successful.

Now to blogging – I am a weird mf’er. I’m passionate about a lot of different things so get ready for some blogs on music, fashion, sports, business, and anything else I find interesting that day. I’m all about having a broad knowledge base and I think that’s something that our audience will enjoy. I also want to integrate our audience as much as possible so if there’s ever something that you want me to write about, shoot me a DM and I will get in the lab and put something out there for you. 

One of the members of the #SaveLaSalleBASE board, Kev McGowan, will also be joining me on a podcast, “Skyline Spew.” You’ll get an intimate look into the weird-ass conversations that we have on my roof every weekend, ranging from Carson Wentz’s ability to throw on the run, which Jordan colorway we’re looking forward to most, and what the best mixtape was in March of 2017. Random, but interesting, conversations that we think will resonate with our audience.

Give me a shot to get better at this. Be mean to me (I’m Philly tough I can handle it). Let’s grow together. 

A big thank you to Joe, KMess, Aidan and Branded Sports for the opportunity. Excited to be a part of this. Let’s ride.  

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Quick Bio

From: South Jersey (I say suburbs of Philly which people like to yell at me for)

Team Affiliation(s): Die Hard Philly Sports Fan (Morale is low)

College: La Salle University (Class of ‘16) #SaveLaSalleBASE

Occupation: Chief of Staff/Director of Brand Strategy at SeventySix Capital

Height: 5’9 (on a good day)

Goal in life: Be able to watch a Sixers game where I am confident in a 4th quarter lead

Weird Fact: Most hit batters per innings pitched in NCAA history my Senior year as a submarine guy (6 hit batters in 4.1 IP nbd)

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