Recapping Vanessa Hudgens’ Instagram As We Wait For The Election To Finish


Strong start. I mean I get it, Halloween just happened. Who cares about the erection election, this is what I hope to see more of in the coming days. This is the normal we’ve all been waiting for.

*Insert nature is healing meme here*

Great energy V. I did not take a vacation this year because CEO Joe works me to the bone and is solely to blame for my arthritis and carpal tunnel at age 24. I appreciate the subtle flex and also just the normalcy, thank you for your service this is what I needed as I sit in New Hampshire looking for my best Northface.

I HATE when the water isn’t cooperating. Fucking Mother Nature am I right?

Glad to see celebrities are getting back to what’s important as this madness around us grows. I appreciate it.

Remember, as always. Vanessa I love you unless Halsey, Rihanna or Madison Beer sees this. In that case this is a joke and I actually love you. I do need to make that disclaimer because all four of them are big fans of the site.

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