Is This The Worst Podcast Ever?

For the unaware Walsh and myself have been recording podcasts for the last 2 months as a bit of a passion project during our short time here at Branded Sports. We release two different podcasts on our self proclaimed “playground”. Every Wednesday we release a episode solely dedicated to riffin around about whatever we want and every other Sunday we release a WWF PPV retrospect (we’re currently at King Of The Ring 2001).

If you’re looking for a new pod to throw in the rotation (which let’s face it you are ever since Joe Rogan moved to Texas) here’s the links to our most recent riffin episode titled “Joe Squirt”.

This episode we talked about where we would hold our first Wheelchair Wrestling Entertainment show and whether or not dying mid fuck should count towards your number. Oh and there’s some other very NSFW topics as well if you’re into that type of stuff.

Apple: LINK

Spotify: LINK

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