Fantasy Football Coach Tells George Kittle “RUB SOME DIRT ON IT I’M MAKING A RUN FOR THE PLAYOFFS!”

Local Fantasy Football coach Martin “Bear” Hunt is under fire this week after he fired off a tweet to George Kittle saying and I quote “YOU HAVE ANOTHER ANKLE PUSSY YOU BETTER PLAY NEXT WEEK OR I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL DRIVE TO SAN FRAN AND BEAT YOUR AZZ!”

Fellow coaches in the “Joe Squirt” league were asked if Hunt’s comments were a representation of the league and they sent out this press release exclusively to Branded Sports.

I was also able to snag a quote from former league Champ Donnie Brasco who told me “Martin has always been a guy to take things too far. Hell most of us just play this league as a way to keep in touch through a group chat since most of us have kids and don’t get together at all besides the draft. Martin though has dedicated his life to this league and it’s a bit unsettling, I may be forced to find another league before the start of the 2021-2022 season if he keeps threatening players on social media.”

I was also able to obtain some financial records for the league which show that the 8 team league has a payout of only $50 for the winner which makes Martin’s obsession less about money and more about power.

Martin’s team “The Itty bitty George Kitty Committee” is currently 0-8 and mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.

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