BREAKING NEWS: Dan Clark Has Banged Chavy’s Mom

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Full disclosure, I had no idea who Dan Clark was before today. Not sure he’s a guy I’m supposed to know or not. Looks like he is a blogger but no idea where. He doesn’t seem to like to push his site, can’t related, my bloggers love Branded. Also he seems super lame, he tweeted out a ‘hey guys give me a response’ tweet and he keeps answering it himself.

But whatever, there are lame people everywhere so that’s no biggie. Anyway, to Chavy’s mom getting bent over by this really hipster looking Dodgers fan. Chavy saw this tweet and decided to interact with it. The outcome was something I don’t think he expected.

So let’s break this down. First off he meant tell not yell. Chavy does like to write in all caps a lot but I can’t imagine he’d ever yell at his mother. Seems like a real sweetheart.

Secondly, this reads that not only did Dan Clark split Chavy’s mom in half like a watermelon. But also that Dan is Chavy’s step dad!!! WHAT!!??!?

Congrats on the new cool step dad Chavy. Some guys have all the luck. You got yourself a cool dressing young step dad that will love your mother so softly. Also, he’s a baseball blogger, so you know he’s always ready for a little father son catch in the yard.

So congrats on the sex Dan! You better treat Ms. Chavy well or else buster

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